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January 08 2011

via Zdjęcia użytkownika Neil Gaiman - Zdjęcia z telefonu
Another wedding picture from Neil's FB.

January 04 2011

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Pratchett & Gaiman <3
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Good morning, Universe. Looking good. I see the sun came up today as well. Big thumbs up on that one, great idea. I'll get out of bed then.
Twitter / Neil Gaiman
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If another 5,109 people follow me, I will have 666,666 followers and the world will probably end. I think we need a party with balloons.
Twitter / Neil Gaiman
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- Neil Gaiman
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Neil Gaiman by Leigh Gallagher
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Przeprogramowaliśmy rzeczywistość, język to wirus, religia – system operacyjny, a modlitwy to jedynie wkurzający spam.
— Neil Gaiman, 'Amerykańscy Bogowie'
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This hut reminds me of a short story by Neil Gaiman:
Instructions (just the door is blue, not green and the little red painted imp as a door knocker is missing)
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Make Dr WHo the new Patron Saint of England, says the Guardian? I am SO THERE. http://bit.ly/aoeazu
Twitter / Neil Gaiman
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Colleen Doran just asked me to reprint this:

My office cleaning binge uncovered an original manuscript to Neil Gaiman’s short story “Murder Mysteries”. Neil sent it to me about fifteen-years ago on the off chance that I might adapt it for comics. Or illustrate it. Or something. I never got the chance (curses,) but this ancient document appears to have been printed out on some dot matrix word processor or something. Those were the days.

It has all the usual freelancer stains, like pizza and coffee. And I have defaced it with a number of scribbles. About 20 of them. Also, I’ve a small assortment of loose sketches for this project. All drawings are previously unpublished.

With Neil Gaiman’s kind permission, this autographed manuscript, along with all of my sketches for the project, will be auctioned off to benefit the Hero Initiative, an organization which aids veteran cartoonists in need. This donation is in memory of freelance comic book and animation writer Steve Perry. I hope you’ll take the time to click both links to learn more about Steve and The Hero Initiative.


The auction begins on eBay on June 18, and it’ll run for ten days. Either watch eBay or Colleen’s blog, I guess..

Warren Ellis » Colleen eBays Neil
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Landed in New York, NY. So good they named it Twice. Probably there's a town called Twice somewhere that's so good they named it New York.
Twitter / Neil Gaiman
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Welcome to the world. You get used to it after a while.
— Good Omens - Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
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Offer people a new creed with a costume and their hearts and minds will follow.
— Good Omens - Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
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People think dreams aren’t

real just because they 

aren’t made of matter, of

particles. Dreams are real.

But they are made of

viewpoints, of images, of

memories and puns and lost


Neil Gaiman
I’m like a ghost
Perhaps they saw what their minds where instructed to see, because the human brain is not equipped to see War, Famine, Pollution and Death when they don't want to be seen, and has got so good at it that it often manages not to see them even when they abound on every side.
— Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman - Good Omens
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Warner Bros. wants to make a Sandman TV series. Yes, Neil Gaiman's Sandman of the Endless. No, it has nothing to do with HBO's aborted attempt to make a Sandman TV series a few years ago. The Hollywood Reporter has the few, vague details in pesky complete sentences, but the only thing that matters right now is this:

Warner Bros. is talking to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke to run the show.
Topless Robot - Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a TV Series
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via Zdjęcia użytkownika Neil Gaiman - Zdjęcia na tablicy (3)

We've been engaged for exactly a year, and we love each other more than ever. So last night, on more or less the spur of the moment, I married her, and she married me. Legally, this time.
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Who are these three middle aged men? Dear God, what are they plotting? Can no one save us?

In which Mr Moffat looks more cheerful and Mr Curtis more debonair. My fingers still cover the episode title.

i cannot contain my excitement at the prospect of a neil gaiman doctor who episode.

ebneliubhlebj I LOVE YOU NEIL GAIMAN

it’s confirmed. Neil Gaiman IS God.

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